Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beeswax Soap

You will need a sheet of beeswax available from your local craft store.
Make your favorite cold process soap as you normally would. Color and scent it if you choose.

Prior to pouring your soap into your mold, line it with the beeswax sheet
( you may have to trim accordingly, to fit your mold).
Remember you cannot pour your soap into the mold and onto the beeswax sheet if it is
over 110 degrees F. or it will melt the beeswax sheet.

Wait approximately 24 hours prior to removing from your mold.
Take the soap out and cut it into bars.
The beeswax side will serve as a loofah and a soap saver all-in one.
You can set your soap beeswax side down and it won't leave a mess.