Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gem Magnets/ Christmas Krafts

My daughters( age 5, and 8) made these for their Grandmothers.
I thought they were an easy (of course with mom's supervision) and cute project for children that are out of school and home for the summer.

Things you will need:

A hole punch could be used, keep in mind that
you probably end up trimming edges of your
punched paper, as the magnet gems are not a
perfect circle shape. I used scissors and positioned
each gem onto the paper, traced the shape and
trimmed it slightly smaller than the traced image.

Hodge Podge glue
Dries clear and does not distort your paper image.
Make sure you have coated the entire
flat side of the gem, making sure the glue
adheres the sides of the paper. Any excess can be
wiped clean.

Small foam brush
Works great for application of the hodge podge glue.

Clear Glass Gems- these are round pieces of glass,
usually found in the floral display section of a craft store.
The ones you need are the ones that are flat on one side,
and rounded on the other side.

Scrapbook Paper
(preferably with a cute design that will show through
the front of your finished magnet. Avoid ones that are
not flat. I had a cute polka dot print that had a raised
felt-like dot, it did not work as well as the flat paper.)

1" circle magnets
(I chose the ones with the self-adhesive on one side)

Take your chosen gem/ gems and trace a circle onto
your desired paper. All gems are not the same shape.
Cut your shape out. Using your hodge podge glue and
sponge brush, attach the paper to the smooth side of
your gem. Allow the glue to dry completely prior to
sticking your magnet on. Once your paper has completely
dried, attach the magnet to the back of the paper.
Your magnet is ready to use or package for a cute
and inexpensive gift.