Tuesday, June 9, 2009


16 oz wt. baking soda
1 oz powder milk
spritzer bottle filled with distilled water
* optional -cocoa powder
(works great for making chocolate cupcakes, it will color the tub water brown)
mix all of your dry ingredients together and add in your fragrance oil, approximately 4 ml. Add in your color if you are coloring your cupcakes and incorporate into your mix so that you have an even color throughout the mix. Using your water, spritz your mixture lightly( avoid adding too much water at one time, this will cause your fizzers to fizz). Continue to mist and stir. When you are able to grab a handful and mold it together the mixture is at the right consistency.

Place your cupcake liners into your cupcake mold and begin to fill with the fizzer mix. You will need to compact the mix down into the cupcake papers/mold by using the bottom of a measuring cup or even a spoon. Fill the cupcakes to the top of the paper and allow to dry overnight.
**Recipe yeilds enough for 6 cupcakes

I have seen a number of recipes for the frosting using merigue powder, powder sugar and water. However I personally do not want that floating around in my tub and opted for a cream soap frosting. You can find a number of recipe variations in our Making Cream Soap Bulletin by Catherine Failor or I found this page a how to on making cream soap. Click on the miscellaneous section of our online catalog and you will see it listed under the book section.

Here is the recipe for the Meringue frosting if you choose to go that route
1 1/2 tablespoons of Meringue powder
8 oz wt. of powder sugar
approximately 2 1/2 tablespoons of warm water, or until desired consistency is achieved.
Food coloring- you can use schilling food coloring to color your frosting.
Fragrance oil of your choice for scenting the frosting. You will only need 2-3 drops to scent.
Place into a ziplock baggie and snip off the end corner, squeeze into your bath fizzie cupcake.
You can use any number of fancy frosting tips if you choose to customize your frosting and make it cute. Also you can use melt and pour soap to make cute berry shapes or chocolate chips or perhaps a few small sprinkles for the top of your cupcake.

Package into a cute bag or box and these make the perfect no calorie bath treat!