Friday, January 9, 2015


Roller Ball Essential Oil Recipes 

Use any of the following Essential Oil Blends or make your own based off of properties of Essential Oils you want to use for desired results. 
Pine Meadows essential oils
Orange Essential Oil 5X (fold)   10 drops
Clove Essential Oil                     2 drops
Cinnamon Essential Oil              1 drop
Eucalyptus 80/85 Essential Oil   1 drop
Rosemary Essential Oil               1 drop

Disinfecting Blend:
Tea Tree Essential Oil             15 drops
Eucalyptus 80/85 Essential Oil  5 drops
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil     5 drops

Insect Repellent Blend:
Peppermint Essential Oil            2  drops
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil   10  drops
Cinnamon Essential Oil             2  drops
Citronella Essential Oil            15  drops
Lemongrass Essential Oil          5  drops
Eucalyptus 80/85 Essential Oil 10 drops

Pain / Headache Blend:
Peppermint  Essential Oil        2 drops
Spearmint  Essential Oil          2 drops
Clary Sage Essential Oil          2 drops
Rosemary Essential Oil           2 drops

Fill the remainder of the bottle with our fractionated coconut oil or fixed organic oil of your preference. Order them online