Wednesday, February 11, 2015



We recently added Babassu oil to our product line. I researched and found that Babassu oil is suppose to have similar properties to coconut oil when used in Cold Process soap. It has lathering attributes and is actually not as drying as coconut oil so very ideal for baby soaps, facial soaps and sensitive skin soap.  I am a huge fan of coconut oil in all my soap recipes so this recipe was definitely thinking outside the box for me. In any case, it turns out I love the finished product and so have decided to post it for all to try.


Sweet Almond Oil       16 oz wt.
Avocado Oil                 8 oz wt.
Babassu Oil               11 oz wt.   (25% of my total fats)
Castor Oil                    3 oz wt.
Mango Butter              5 oz wt.
Sodium Lactate          1 oz wt.

Sodium Hydroxide       5.95 oz wt.  (5% superfat)
Distilled Water           18 oz wt.

Fragrance Oil/ Essential Oil optional :  Use approximately 2.5 oz wt. of fragrance oil, or 3 oz wt. of essential oil depending on the oil you choose this may change (use spicy notes at a lesser amount due to skin sensitivity as well as possibility of a soap seizure).
This recipe yields 61 ounces of liquid soap, good to know when choosing your mold. I used our $20 wooden soap box available by following the link This soap traced quickly. Initially it was a little soft  but upon curing for a few weeks hardened up nicely. All oils in this recipe can be ordered