Monday, December 21, 2015

Candy Cane Scrub

Candy Cane Scrub

Items needed:

everything you will need is available in our store, order online or come into the store.

-4 oz pet jars with size 58 lids 
-medium sea salt
-mini candy canes (2 per jar)
-fixed oil (liquid oil of choice)
-peppermint essential oil

mixing bowl

All supplies available at
**I don't recommend using glass when making scrubs & bath salts. Wet slippery hands and glass don't mix!
I smashed my candy canes into tiny pieces, then add in your salt by using the 4 oz container as a measurement guide. Stir the dry ingredients so they have a consistent mix of candy canes to salt. Saturate your salt & candy cane mixture with your liquid fixed oil of choice (don't use olive oil or it will look green). Stir the scrub and then scoop into the jars. Make a cute label or instructions for use. Place in a cute cello bag with a few candy canes. Great stocking stuffer or gift. To use rub on skin in the shower or bath and enjoy.