Friday, March 27, 2015

Using Dyes and Pigments In Your Soap

How to use Dyes & Pigments in soap

There are several different things to use pigments and dyes in. The different oils you choose to use in cold process soap can alter the color you will end up with in your finished soap. All of our colors are dry powder form, so you will need to mix them with a carrier (liquid glycerin, water, or oil) before adding them at trace. We recommend using the liquid glycerin with all pigments for a better consistency. Please note that all micas are used at the same ratio as a pigment. We recommend using a 1.25 cc scoop of pigment color per pound of soap or .15 cc scoop of dye color per pound of soap. 
The scoops and colorants can be found in our online store:

How to use the melt & pour soap base

How to use the Melt and Pour soap base
Melt: Determine amount of soap base needed for your project. Cut the soap  into small pieces and 
place in a microwave safe container . Heat on a low setting using 30 second intervals. Stir between
intervals until liquid. Soap can also be melted using a double boiler if that is your preference.
***Handle hot soap carefully as it may burn the skin.

Mold: Stir in cosmetic safe color, cosmetic grade fragrance oil or essential oil, and any skin safe additives. Pour into your mold of choice. Spritz soap surface with alcohol to remove any bubbles.
Allow to cool until soap hardens.
Upon cooling soap should pop out of mold easily. If you are having trouble with the soap releasing, place in the fridge for a few minutes to contract the soap.

You may use your soap as soon as it cools down & releases from the mold.
Soap base available under

Friday, March 13, 2015

DIY Room & Body Sprays 101

DIY Room & Body Sprays 101

You will need the following items to make a room/body spray.
- Glass beaker or a pyrex with a pour spout.
- Distilled water
Polysorbate 20
- Fragrance oil or Essential Oil
- Spray bottles (my favorite is the aluminum bottle in the picture)

First, fill your bottle of choice almost all the way full of distilled water, leaving
enough head space for the addition of a few more drops of oil & the polysorbate 20.
Next pour the water from your bottle into your glass beaker. Add 2 - 3 drops of fragrance
or essential oil to your beaker containing the distilled water. Add 2 - 3 drops of polysorbate 20
to your glass beaker & stir. I usually wait for a few minutes to make sure the base
(oil, polysorbate 20 & fragrance or essential oil) has not separated. If separation occurs
add a drop more of the polysorbate 20 & stir again. Wait to make sure that you do not have any
separation. Repeat if necessary. Sometimes certain fragrance oils or essential oils will require
that you use a little more of the polysorbate 20 to keep your base from separating.
When your solution is emulsified & no visible separation has occurred, transfer back into the
bottle & screw your spray top on. It should be ready to use.

How to use our Lip Balm Bases

How to use our Lip Balm Bases
We offer Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Lanolin or Vitamin E

Our bases come in a natural HDPE  thick plastic jar.
1. Unscrew the lid & remove the pressure seal, place the lid back on the
jar but do not screw it on. It should just be sitting on the top.
2. Heat your lip balm solution in the microwave using one minute increments
 until it is liquid. Be sure that you don't overheat as you could melt the container.
You may also scoop the lip balm base out & melt in a double boiler.
3. Add color chips or mica to your lip balm base if you choose to color.
If not skip this step.
4. Add approximately 9 ml (measure using our pipettes)of your favorite
flavor oil or essential oil to our 8 oz wt. size, stir in making sure the flavoring is consistent
throughout. Test on your lips and add based off of your preference.
5. Transfer into your container of choice. Tubes, jars, or tins. I like to cut the tip off of
a pipette and transfer the lip balm using it.

Any left over base should be stored in the refrigerator for optimum shelf life.
Remember this is a natural product with no preservative, only natural vitamin e
has been added to aid in preventing a stale product.

Lip balm containers can be found

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Basic Bath Fizzy Recipe


16 oz wt. of  Citric Acid
32 oz wt. of Baking Soda
4 oz wtKaolin or clay of your choice
1 fl oz of favorite fragrance oil or essential oil

1  spray bottle filled with 4 parts distilled water to 1 part rubbing alcohol

***note: to get the appearance of the picture, separate your dry mix into parts and  color using our neon pigments Neon Pigments, continue with the same steps. Also, add up to 6% by weight polysorbate 80 to aid with color dispersion in bath.


- Measure the baking soda, citric acid and clay. Place into mixing bowl and mix well.
- Add your mica and mix well.
- Using a plastic dropper, add approx. 1 oz. fragrance oil by drizzling into different
locations of the mixture.
- Using a whisk or fork, mix well by breaking up lumps of fragrance oil.
- Once mixture is free of clumps, begin to spray with your distilled water  and alcohol.
Using gloved hands, toss the mixture while it is being sprayed to avoid activating the fizz.
- Once mixture is just moist enough to stay together when pressed, it is ready to be molded.
 Note: check by taking a tablespoon of the mixture and squeezing it in the hand. If it falls apart,
then you need to continue to spray and mix. Make sure you are wearing gloves for this part
 of the recipe.
- Once the mixture is the correct consistency, press a few tablespoons of the mix into the mold cavity.
 Press firmly. Fill all of the mold cavities.
- Wait approximately 15 minutes and remove fizzies from the mold. Allow to sit for 1 hour before packaging.
You will know the fizzies are ready to package because they will be hard.