Saturday, May 16, 2015

A little bit of everything Cold Process Soap Recipe

"A little bit of everything " Cold Process SOAP Recipe
featuring our newest addition wheat germ oil

5 oz wt. sweet almond oil
2 oz wt. cocoa butter
5 oz wt. coconut oil
2 oz wt. mango butter
7 oz wt. palm oil
5 oz wt. palm kernel oil
6 oz wt. wheat germ oil
.5 oz wt of beeswax

12 oz wt. distilled water
4.51 oz wt. sodium hydroxide  (5%  excess fat range)

.2 oz wt. Patchouli Essential Oil
.3 oz wt. Peppermint Essential Oil
.2 oz wt. Lavender Essential Oil
.3 oz wt. Orange 5X Essential Oil

Follow the basic soap making instructions:

You will need an 87 ounce bucket to melt all your oils in, a glass beaker for weighing out your lye, a glass beaker weighing your water. Remember always add lye (sodium hydroxide to water, never water to lye). A mold that holds 44 oz of liquid soap (our wooden soap mold works great)! A spatula for scraping soap out the bucket, a stick blender and of course an accurate scale for weighing out all of your ingredients.

  • Put on your safety goggles & neoprene gloves, combine your sodium hydroxide & your liquid, stir completely. Set the lye aside and allow it to cool between 100 – 125 degrees.
  • Combine your oils & heat. Temperature of oils needs to be between 100 – 125 degrees. If you are coloring your soap, add it to your oils at this time.
  • When both your lye & your oils are at approximately the same temperature (100 – 125 degrees) you need to combine them. Use precautions to avoid splashing.
  • Stir until the mixture traces. (You can use your stick blender to speed up this process).
  • Add your fragrance/essential oils and incorporate them into soap completely, then pour your soap into your molds.