Monday, February 15, 2016

Luxury All Over Cream

Luxury All over Cream

42   grams  Emulsifying Wax
30   grams  Stearic Acid
1.8  grams  Citric Acid
450 grams  Distilled Water

60   grams Mango Butter
42   grams Hemp Seed Oil or Wheat Germ Oil 

10  grams Liquid Glycerin
11  grams Sodium Lactate
9    grams Optiphen ND

4 - 6 grams of your favorite Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil

You will need:
87 ounce bucket used for melting ingredients in the microwave.
Stick Blender used for whipping your ingredients into the cream consistency.
Jar containers (this is thick & we recommend putting it in a jar) for your finished product.
Recipe yields 24 ounces of product.

1. Weigh out the ingredients in the first paragraph, remember to weigh each ingredient out and then transfer to your 87 ounce bucket. That way if you go over you are not cross contaminating ingredients when you put them back into the original container. 
2. Heat for 4 minutes in the microwave. Stir them with your stick blender & check to make sure the wax has melted & there are not any chunks. If there are chunks that have not melted continue to heat for 30 seconds until it has all melted.
3. Weigh out your second paragraph while your heating the first and have it ready to add into the 87 ounce bucket. Add your butters and oils into the bucket with your heated water & waxes. Using the stick blender stir for a minute. 
4. Weigh out your last paragraph and add it to the 87 ounce bucket ingredients, stir with the stick blender for a minute. Your cream will begin to thicken as it cools. 
5. Last add it your fragrance or essential oil and stir really well. The cream will need to cool down. I leave my stick blender upright in the bucket and start to clean up. While your cream is thickening periodically go over and turn the stick blender on to whip it. 
6. When your cream is nice and thick, transfer into your jars of choice using a spatula. 

I always wipe my jars out with a clorox wipe prior to filling.