Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lime & Ginger Salt Glow Recipe

Lime & Ginger Salt Glow Recipe
You will need the following to make this recipe:

1/2 cup fine or medium sea salt
1/2 cup organic grapeseed oil
1/4 cup fresh pulverized ginger root (grocery store)

1/4 tsp Ginger Fragrance Oil
1/4 tsp Lime Essential Oil

PET containers

1. Mix the salt & puverized ginger root together
2. When it appears to be a consistent blend, add your grapeseed oil and mix into the salt & ginger root.
3. Add the lime essential oil & ginger fragrance oil. Mix thoroughly.
4. Transfer to your PET jars and store until use. (we don't recommend storing in glass as your hands will be slippery & you could drop the glass in the shower.)
**Use up quickly as this has not preservative. If you are giving as gifts or not planning on using it within a few days add some germaben II (preservative).

To use: scoop out a handful at a time and exfoliate your skin. Rinse with warm water.
Note: Do not use any equipment with copper, aluminum, cast iron or teflon finishes. 

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Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY- Sugar-LIp-Scrub

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub


- Measure out your sugar based off of how many you want to make. I like to fill my jar 3/4 full and transfer into a mixing container. Next I put in a little of the pink strawberry mica or lip safe mica of your choice. Mix up your sugar and mica until you achieve the color you want. Next add in your Golden Jojoba Oil and saturate the sugar. Don't add too much Golden Jojoba, see picture for desired consistency. Last add in a drop or two of your favorite flavor oil. Do a taste/ texture test and adjust to your preference. To use, rub on your lips and scrub to slough off dry skin. This is edible.