Friday, February 10, 2017

In The Pot Swirl C.P Soap


You will need the following to make this soap recipe:

-Safety Equipment for making soap. Goggles or Glasses, Nitrile Gloves.
-Stick Blender for mixing soap:
-Buckets for melting oils & mixing lye: I use the 1 gallon bucket to melt my oils in the microwave (be sure to remove the medal handle). I use the 87 ounce bucket to mix my lye.
-Parchment Paper to line mold with
-3 Extra spatulas to mix colors
- Glass beakers to weigh out essential oils & sodium hydroxide:
-Thermometer for testing temps:  or
-Easy pour mixing & measuring containers x 2:
-Soap Cutter:


2   oz wt. Organic Sweet Almond Oil
4   oz wt. Organic Avocado Oil
4   oz wt. Castor Oil
2   oz wt. Organic Cocoa Butter
8   oz wt. Organic Coconut Oil
12 oz wt. Organic Sustainable Palm Oil
8   oz wt. Organic Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil
8   oz wt. Organic High Oleic Safflower Oil

6.76 oz wt. Sodium Hydroxide (aka Lye)
15    oz wt. Distilled Water

1.5 oz wt. Peppermint Essential Oil
1.5 oz wt. Tangerine Essential Oil

1 teaspoon of Fine Gold Satin Mica
1 teaspoon of Red Wine Satin Mica
1 teaspoon of Orange Saffron Mica
11/2 TBSP of Titanium Dioxide (white)

Wearing safety equipment weigh out all your ingredients (oils and butter and transfer into your 1 gallon bucket for melting).
Weigh out your distilled water in your 87 ounce bucket and set aside.
Weigh out your sodium hydroxide in a glass beaker & set aside.
Weigh out your essential oils into 1 glass beaker & set aside.
Measure 1 teaspoon of red wine satin mica into a easy pour mixing & measuring container & add a tablespoon of water. Mix the powder color until it becomes a liquid.
Repeat with the orange saffron mica & the titanium dioxide (1 1/2 tablespoons on this one).
Heat your oils for approximately 2 - 3 minutes in the microwave. 
Mix your lye solution (add the pre-weighed sodium hydroxide to the distilled water, slowly so you don't splash.

Temperature check using your thermometer. Once your melted oils and lye solution are approximately 110 degrees F. add your lye solution into the melted oils bucket and stir until you have a light trace. Transfer some of the soap batter into each of the colors leaving enough room to stir with a spatula. Add the titanium dioxide into the large bucket with the majority of the soap batter.

Once the colors are mixed with batter, you will begin to pour one color into a section of the bucket (approximately 1/4 of the colored batter), then 1/4 of another color on top of the first. Choose another section of the white batter and repeat four times. Once your colored batter is all into the bucket you will pour into your lined mold. 

I used a pencil to create the design on top of the soap. I sprinkled a little of our fine satin gold mica & our red wine satin mica on top using our powder duster.
Note: don't stir the soap with the pencil while creating the design or it will end up like mine in the final picture. Had I left it like the above picture it would have been a more detailed swirl with all the colors, instead of just the red. Oh well .... live and learn!
Be sure you test the pH of your soap the next day. Cut your bars and set them in a safe place while they cure for a few weeks.