Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sea Salt Lime C.P Soap

SEA SALT LIME Cold Process Soap Recipe

You will need the following to make this soap recipe:

-Safety Equipment for making soap. Goggles or Glasses, Nitrile Gloves. http://pinemeadows.net/soap-making-supplies.php
-Stick Blender for mixing soap: 
-Buckets for melting oils & mixing lye: I use the 1 gallon bucket to melt my oils in the microwave (be sure to remove the medal handle). I use the 87 ounce bucket to mix my lye. http://pinemeadows.net/Plastic-Buckets
-Parchment Paper to line mold with
-2 spatulas to mix colors
- Glass beakers to weigh out essential oils & sodium hydroxide: http://pinemeadows.net/Glass-Beaker
-Thermometer for testing temps: http://pinemeadows.net/Soapmaking-Thermometer or http://pinemeadows.net/Infrared-Thermometer-Dual-Laser
-Easy pour mixing & measuring containers x 2: http://pinemeadows.net/Easy-Pour-Mixing-and-Measuring-Container


5 oz wt. Avocado Oil
8 oz wt. Coconut Oil
3 oz wt. Olive Oil
8 oz wt. Palm Oil
6 oz wt. Palm Kernel Oil
2 oz wt. Shea Butter

4.62 oz wt. Sodium Hydroxide
12 oz wt. Distilled Water

.15 cc scoop of Green Apple Mica for coloring your salt

.06 oz wt.  Sea Salt Lime Fragrance Oil or Fragrance Oil of your choice 

-Weigh out all your oils & butters into a bucket. Heat them in the microwave for approximately 3 minutes. 
-Weigh out your sodium hydroxide. Weigh out your distilled water. Add your sodium hydroxide to your water slowly, stirring carefully to avoid any splashing (make sure you are wearing your safety equipment throughout this whole process).
-In a separate container mix your titanium dioxide with about 2 tablespoons of distilled water and set aside.
-Measure out 1/4 cup of Medium Bath Salt Crystals and color with your Green Apple Mica. Set aside. 
-Weigh out your fragrance oil and set aside. 
- When your lye solution and your oils are about 110 degrees F. combine them and stir using your stick blender for a few seconds. 
- Add your titanium dioxide/water mixture and stir until it is mixed into your soap batter well. 
- Add the fragrance oil and stir using your stick blender. 
- Pour your soap batter into your mold.
- Sprinkle the colored salts on top of the soap and lightly mix them into the soap batter so they won't just fall off.
This is what the top of mine looked like. 
- Unmold after 24 hours and cut using your soap cutter into bar size of your choice. 
- Test the pH it should register around an 8 on the pH range.
-Stack and wait a few weeks until it has cured.