Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cologne Roller Balls For Men

Cologne Roller Balls For Men

Things you need to make this:
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4 fl oz of favorite masculine  Fragrance Oil (recommendations):

Each Volcano Black Roller Bottle will hold a total of 30 ML. If you want to fill all 10 measure out 200 ml F.C.O using the pipettes and squeeze into the beaker. Each pipette has a 3.5 ml draw. 
If you would prefer to weigh out the fractionated coconut oil, weigh out approximately 6.75 oz wt. or measure approximately 1 cup and pour into the glass beaker.

Add 100 ml of your fragrance oil of choice or
weigh 3.3 oz wt. of fragrance oil or
measure 1/2 cup fragrance oil

Mix your beaker contents using a pipette.
Transfer into the roller bottles using the miniature funnel
Press the roller ball insert into the bottles & put the lid on. 

You may add a label if you like. Ready to use. 
I love these new Volcano Black Bottles as they block out UV and protect your blends with a sleek & sophisticated look!